About me

I work as an independent consultant.  My latest project has been related to bank loans and non-financial services and the Morocco Women in Business Programme (sponsored by the EBRD and EU).   My professional interests include small business lending, non-financial services of banks, building long-term relationships with clients,  service quality and customer experience, financial literacy, gender equality in economic, politics and social life.

I live in Moscow.  In my free time I (1) dance and do a little bit of yoga, (2) help my friends-business owners with management accounting, (3) give English lessons (with adult students we read good books and articles),  (4) help my housing association on matters of repairs and improvements. My parents live in Smolensk. I was born in Smolensk and lived there before I went to Moscow State University (Lomonosov), and I visit my parents quite often. It allows me to grasp the difference between life in Moscow and life in the rest of the country. My daughter is a producer of arts projects in London, my son studies applied linguistics at Moscow State University.

Prior to March 2019, I was the Head of Customer Experience at Citibank Russia and managed various teams and spearheaded numerous projects. Working with different departments we improved Citibank’s complaint handling process bringing net promoter score from about minus 30 to “plus”, improved the quality of telephone sales and general call centre service standards ; conducted service improvement campaigns which changed processes and employee behaviour. From 2005 to 2014, I worked for Raiffeisenbank Russia as Head of Service Quality Management, and in addition had assignments with several banks of the Raiffeisen Group in Central and Eastern Europe. From 1997 to 2005, I worked as a consultant/credit expert for the Russia Small Business Fund of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD RSBF). I helped launch and develop small business lending departments at several Russian partner banks, including Sberbank.  Until 1997, I worked with entrepreneurs, businesses and NGOs in various international programmes funded by the European Union, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the US Agency for International Development.