There are plenty of performances by Ekaterina Melnikova, international concert organist and composer, on the internet.  The videos present a multi-faceted and charming image, but do not reflect all aspects of her work. Fellow organists in various countries love to play works she has transcribed for the organ, but only a small fraction has been published.

Her organ concerts from 2009 to 2013 broke new ground by combining music and performance art while reducing the prominence of the composer and arranger.

The website we created together – –  has two objectives. Firstly, to bring to the fore her works for organ, choral or orchestra, improvisational performances and arrangements.   Secondly, to collect in one place articles, programmes, reviews and announcements from various years.

Ekaterina Melnikova has big plans for 2021. She is preparing a premier of her new work, “Harmonisation of the World” (2020), for symphonic orchestra, choir and organ, in Russia as well as her performances abroad while also recording a new CD.  Working on the website could be compared with a re-branding exercise, with all these questions – “why do I write music? whom I would like to play for? how do I see myself? how does my audience sees me?” – asked and answered.