Task Definition and Common Sense

This post has two parts.
The first part is on the London Mayor’s “Say Maaate to a Mate” summer campaign and Ogilvy Consulting work. Although I find the visuals awkward, I do not have a clear opinion about the campaign. First, I am not a Londoner, and second, I do not know the whole story of the client (the Mayor) and the consultant (Ogilvy) cooperation – what had been initially proposed? Did the client ask for changes? Etc. However, the idea was good, and the discussions were rich, so I wrote a summary and cited some publications.
In the second part, I write about my own consulting experience. In most cases, the client and I worked together on the task definition, and I would often propose a different angle.
The connection between the two parts is the question: can one influence the task definition when a project has high visibility and one’s client is a Mayor?

Found in Translation

My friend Ole Jorgensen has recently released a video “My Life as Inventor, Designer and Explorer”, the latest in the series of videos about his life. Ten years ago, Ole and I did a project together, the Russian Film Music DVD. My part of the job was the English subtitles. Dreaming of literary research in my young years, I ended up working on more down-to-earth things like financial services. I am a good reader, though, and I love talking about literature. Today, I lead groups for the learners of English, including one on translations of classical literature. The project with Ole, as I see it today, helped me to connect the two professional domains, international business development and language studies.

Reading Group, Actually

In a small British-Russian group we read Russian classics in English, role play dialogues, discuss translations and translators’ comments. Online, on Tuesdays, at 7 pm Moscow time. This article describes nine sessions devoted to Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel “Master and Margarita”. 30 min read