April 2021

 In April I went to see a documentary closing the ArtDocFest festival and to a couple of photo exhibitions. I participated in the online conference “Walls – Open, Closed, Sliding? The Virus, Europe and Our World Today” and in a rally organised to support imprisoned politician Alexey Navalny on the 21st. My virtual round of applause goes to Nikolai Formozov, a Russian biologist and environmentalist, who went on hunger strike in solidarity with Alexey, and to my friend Angelika from Heidelberg. Angelika says she and her husband find it inappropriate to travel to palm tree resorts when millions around the world get neither travel nor covid19 vaccine. I am also sharing translations of a couple of posts from social media. In the first one, a medical doctor Fedor Katassonov explains his reasons to join the April 21st rally. In the second one Dmitry Bykov, poet, novelist, lecturer and political activist talks about the Soviet space project and reckons that 60 years ago the world was a better place.

Sardinia April 2019

The happy time started in London on April 21st, 2019, Easter Sunday, with our picnic in Dolphin Square.
April 22nd, Gatwiсk airport. Joining a small crowd lining up to board on the London – Olbia flight. At the beginning of the line, a graceful tall lady quietly repacks her suitcase, with a smile on her face. Nan! Hurray! – and back to the boarding hassle.